One Tap Bet - is the bet that you can place just with one click. This bet does not need any additional confirmation.

The only thing you need to do to place a One Tap Bet - is put the switch in ON position. Having done this, the next time you put your mouse pointer to one of the coefficients, you shall see a separate window where you can choose the bet amount - either by choosing one from the list or writing your own amount. After pressing PLACE THE BET, your bet will be sent for checking and if the check up is successful, your bet will get placed and you shall see the message - ACCEPTED.

One Tap Bet - can only be a single bet, with 1 event in the coupon. If before placing the One Tap Bet you have already added an event - such bet will not get accepted. All One Tap Bets, like in case with ordinary bets, can be seen under History section in your Account . If not chosen otherwise, the amount of the next One Tap Bet will be the same as with previous.

One Tap Bet option can be switched off by putting your switch in OFF position. Then you can continue using our website in an ordinary view mode.